Emjysoft Sudoku

Emjysoft Sudoku 2.00

Sudoku under pressure for a perfect brain training session


  • Nice interface
  • Neverending sudokus
  • You can print sudokus
  • If you're stuck you can see the solution


  • Levels difficulty is mixed up

Very good

Do you like sudokus? These madly addictive puzzles used to be very popular a while ago and still remain a great pastime for people of all ages.

Emjysoft Sudoku lets you play and enjoy sudokus in your computer. Thanks to its sudoku generator, you can have a different puzzle anytime you want and never spend money buying sudoku magazines again.

Emjysoft Sudoku can create sudokus in three different levels, but be aware: the difficulty is all mixed up, which means that what the program calls "hard level" is actually the easy one.

For a more challenging puzzle, the game lets you set a time limit.

Besides this minor flaw, Emjysoft Sudoku provides hours of entertainment and it's also a fun way to have some brain training.

In case you get stuck, you can ask the program to show the solution, and there's also an option to print the sudoku and take it with you.

Emjysoft Sudoku lets you have fun and improve your brain agility with sudokus in different difficulty levels.

With Emjysoft Sudoku you can learn the rules of Sudoku, adapt the game to the user level and play forever thanks to a random grid generator. Plus, the application has three levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard) and can display the solution in case you get stuck.

Emjysoft Sudoku


Emjysoft Sudoku 2.00

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